Benefits of High Performance Windows

Benefits of High Performance Windows

As you may have already guessed, there are extensive benefits of high performance windows; hence the words "high performance." Some of these benefits, however, extend beyond the more obvious ones. The following is just a quick look at many benefits that high-performance windows offer:
  • Savings on both heating and cooling costs
    One of the very first and foremost benefits of high performance windows is that they are exceptionally energy efficient. Gas-fills, insulation spacers and frames, as well as Low-E coatings, can all considerably reduce the winter heat loss and summer heat gain.

    Windows have represented a major source of unwanted heat loss, discomfort, and condensation problems in locations with cooler climates that require extensive heating. High-performance windows perform well during the winter months by keeping the heat from escaping outside. On the other hand, climates that mainly require cooling have problems with windows that represent a major source of unwanted heat gain. High-performance windows do well by keeping that heat out.

  • Improved comfort
    High performance windows not only reduce energy costs but make homes more comfortable as well. Conventional and older windows with low glass temperature feel colder in winter months, have more drafts, and contribute to a person’s heat being radiated to the window. However, high-performance windows with lower U-factors offer much better insulation and more moderate window temperatures; thus, providing greater comfort.

    Likewise, in the summer high-performance windows will reduce the solar radiation coming through the glass making it more comfortable for the occupant.

  • Reduced condensation
    High performance windows with good frames and glazing materials create warmer interior glass surfaces, resulting in less frost and condensation.
  • Improved daylight
    Daylight and view are some of the other fundamental attributes of a window. High-performance windows allow for larger glazing areas to be incorporated into house designs. This is available for both renovations and new construction installations. This greatly improves the view as well as lets in more daylight.
  • Prevents UV damage
    High performance windows can significantly reduce the ultraviolet (UV) and other solar radiation. Coatings on glass can reduce the UV transmitted by up to 75%. Windows that block UV radiation reduce fabric, artwork, and paint fading.
  • Lower sound transmission
    The heavy gas fills that high performance windows offer, greatly reduces the sound transmission from the outside to inside. The greater the number of panes, the better the sound absorption.

How can I get more information?

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