Performance Line series:

Unleash your design vision with Western Window Systems Performance Line. Energy-efficient, strong, and available in taller and wider sizes. Let your project reflect your creativity without limitations.


    Extreme opening sizes for versatile use Industry-leading U-factors for energy efficiency Customizable options for personalized aesthetics Exceptional performance in contemporary designs Durability for long-lasting performance Customization options for personalized living spaces Versatility that exceeds expectations Large panel sizes for impactful designs

Available Styles

  • foldingFolding
  • folding-outswingFolding Outswing
  • slidingSliding
  • multi-sliding-stackedMulti-Sliding Stacked
  • multi-sliding-pocketMulti-Sliding Pocket
  • lift-and-slide-stackedLift and Slide Stacked
  • lift-and-slide-pocketLift and Slide Pocket
  • narroline-gliding-patioNarroline Gliding Patio
  • perma-shield-gliding-patioPerma-Shield Gliding Patio
  • multislideMultiSlide
  • liftslideLiftslide
  • single-sliderSingle Slider
  • slidingSliding
  • contemporary-slidingContemporary Sliding
  • french-railFrench Rail
  • french-slidingFrench Sliding
  • frenchwood-glidingFrenchwood Gliding
  • frenchwood-gliding-patioFrenchwood Gliding Patio
  • inswingInSwing
  • inswing-patioInswing Patio
  • archtop-inswingArchtop Inswing
  • spiringline-inswingSpiringline Inswing
  • french-inswingFrench InSwing
  • french-inswingFrench Inswing
  • archtop-french-inswingArchtop French Inswing
  • outswingOutSwing
  • folding-outswingFolding Outswing
  • outswing-bi-foldOutswing Bi-Fold
  • archtop-outswingArchtop Outswing
  • springline-outswingfrench-outswingSpringline OutswingFrench OutSwing
  • french-outswingFrench Outswing
  • archtop-french-outswingArchtop French Outswing
  • french-outswing-patioFrench Outswing Patio
  • otherother
  • frenchwood-hinged-patioFrenchwood Hinged Patio
  • single-hungSingle Hung
  • picturePicture
  • geometricGeometric
  • awningAwning
  • casementCasement
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