Simulated Steel Line series:

Simulated Steel Line: Western Window Systems Simulated Steel Line brings the look of steel to your projects with exceptional performance. Customize large panel sizes and elevate efficiency.


    Authentic steel putty glaze aesthetics Accommodates extreme opening sizes Industry-leading U-factors for energy efficiency Dual-paned low-E glass for optimal insulation Premium hardware for enhanced functionality Thermally broken aluminum for superior performance

Available Styles

  • foldingFolding
  • folding-outswingFolding Outswing
  • slidingSliding
  • multi-sliding-stackedMulti-Sliding Stacked
  • multi-sliding-pocketMulti-Sliding Pocket
  • lift-and-slide-stackedLift and Slide Stacked
  • lift-and-slide-pocketLift and Slide Pocket
  • narroline-gliding-patioNarroline Gliding Patio
  • perma-shield-gliding-patioPerma-Shield Gliding Patio
  • multislideMultiSlide
  • liftslideLiftslide
  • single-sliderSingle Slider
  • slidingSliding
  • contemporary-slidingContemporary Sliding
  • french-railFrench Rail
  • french-slidingFrench Sliding
  • frenchwood-glidingFrenchwood Gliding
  • frenchwood-gliding-patioFrenchwood Gliding Patio
  • inswingInSwing
  • inswing-patioInswing Patio
  • archtop-inswingArchtop Inswing
  • spiringline-inswingSpiringline Inswing
  • french-inswingFrench InSwing
  • french-inswingFrench Inswing
  • archtop-french-inswingArchtop French Inswing
  • outswingOutSwing
  • folding-outswingFolding Outswing
  • outswing-bi-foldOutswing Bi-Fold
  • archtop-outswingArchtop Outswing
  • springline-outswingfrench-outswingSpringline OutswingFrench OutSwing
  • french-outswingFrench Outswing
  • archtop-french-outswingArchtop French Outswing
  • french-outswing-patioFrench Outswing Patio
  • otherother
  • frenchwood-hinged-patioFrenchwood Hinged Patio
  • single-hungSingle Hung
  • picturePicture
  • geometricGeometric
  • awningAwning
  • casementCasement
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