Replacement vs. New-Construction Windows

Construction professionals frequently use the terms “New Construction Window” vs. “Replacement Window” a.k.a. (Retrofit Window). While each of these terms seems to have an inherent meaning for the window itself, what is more important is that both of them refer to underline installation process, more so than to the window type.

New Construction Window Installation process is certainly how windows are installed when building a new home, or adding a floor to an existing structure, however, it is just that, a process. This means that you can use the same process when replacing old windows, accept the process is significantly more complex. When building a new structure, contractors use the design build plans and follow a strict step by step roadmap. When building a new house, you first build the foundation, and then you install framing and not the other way around. In the New Construction Window Installation process things are done out of order, thus making the process more complex and much more expensive. Because the process may yield much better results, since your window frames will be replaced and your wall around the window will be re-waterproofed, the process may yield more desirable results. Another advantage of the New Construction window replacement process is that you will end up with the same size window as opposed to a smaller window when performing the Retrofit. Even though the New Construction Window Replacement process is very complex, it is still possible to utilize this process when replacing windows; however, it is essential to find someone with a lot of experience who understands the complexities and is able to perform the job correctly.

Replacement Window Installation process has its advantages, and has been widely accepted by the homeowners as a viable alternative. The old frame from the existing window is retained, and the replacement window is fitted into this frame. This has a significant impact on reducing the cost of the window replacement. The new Replacement windows are available in several materials including fiberglass, vinyl, wood, aluminum-clad wood, vinyl-clad wood, etc. Even though the windows themselves don’t have a significant cost difference between New-Construction vs. Retrofit, it is the installation cost that makes up for the difference in the overall replacement cost. It’s often the case that you will save 30%-40% of the entire job, by going with the Retrofit, vs. full on New Construction window replacement.

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