Windows materials

Vinyl windows - made from a plastic material, energy efficient and low maintenance. These windows work best in a stable climate without extreme weather conditions. Vinyl windows last a long time due to the durable and sturdy material from which they're made. Vinyl windows

Vinyl Windows


Wood windows - typically used to preserve the existing look of a home. More costly than other types of windows they require some maintenance and upkeep. These windows are beautiful hand-crafted pieces of furniture adding to the overall aesthetic nature of your home. Wood windows are a unique and elegant addition to your home that no other window can match. Wood windows

Wood Windows



Wood-Clad windows, a combination material with a wood interior and either vinyl/aluminum/fiberglass exterior, provide the same look as fully wood windows without the required maintenance over time.

Wood Clad Windows



Aluminum windows - strong, light, and require minimal maintenance. Aluminum is sensitive to temperature changes resulting in lower insulation levels and may be subject to condensation. Though these characteristics cause aluminum to be less energy efficient, it offers the thinnest frame, allowing for maximum daylight exposure throughout the day. To increase energy efficiency there are thermal broken aluminum windows. These windows have thermal breakers, also known as spacers, which are inserted in-between the aluminum frame, in order to reduce conductivity. This makes the window less conducive and more energy efficient. Aluminum windows

Aluminum Windows



Fiberglass windows - have become a top of the line product because of the durable and long lasting window framing material. Fiberglass is about 3 times stronger than aluminum and 9 times stronger than vinyl, so these windows should last the longest. Fiberglass windows are durable and are practically maintenance free. Since full fiberglass windows are quite costly, there are fiberglass composite windows, which are not full fiberglass windows. Fibrex windows, a type of composite window, are made from few durable materials combined. The composite contains wood particles as well as fiberglass and therefore are considered very durable. These windows are supposed to last longer than vinyl windows with minimal maintenance. Fiberglass windows

Fiberglass windows


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