Different types of glass and their uses for your windows

Layers of Glass


  • Also known as single-glazed window with clear glass allows more daylight to pass through it than any other type. It, therefore, has very little insulating value. It provides only a thin barrier to the outside and thus accounts for considerable heat loss and gain.


  • Double-pane window, also known as dual paned or double glazed, is the most popular choice of today in window replacement. Because multiple layer of glass increase the window's ability to resist heat flow, double-pane windows insulate much more than a single windowpane would.


  • Also known as triple glazed, triple-paned windows are even heavier and more expensive than double-paned windows. These windows create an even more energy efficient window. A window with three panes is an investment rather than a purchase; it is most often used for northern climates and as soundproofing near airports and highways.

Types of Glass

There are various types of glass that manufacturers use in constructing windows. Listed below is a list and descriptions of the most common types.

  • Clear Glass

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