Wood vs vinyl windows

Whether your goal is to improve design, energy efficiency or add additional value to your home, it is improtant that you identify different window types that are available for you. There are two leading types of replacement windows - wood windows and vinyl windows. In this article we will discuss each materials pros and cons.

Vinyl windows - made from a plastic material, energy efficient and low maintenance. These windows work best in a stable climate without extreme weather conditions. Vinyl windows last about 15–20 years due to the durable and sturdy material from which they're made.

Wood windows - typically used to preserve the existing look of a home. More costly than other types of windows they require some maintenance and upkeep. These windows are beautiful hand-crafted pieces of furniture adding to the overall aesthetic nature of your home. Wood windows are a unique and elegant addition to your home that no other window can match. With proper maintenance wood windows last 30+ years.

Wood vs Vinyl

  Vinyl Wood
Maintenance No maintenance Lot of maintenance and preservation
Energy Efficiency Energy Efficient Highly energy efficient
Price Affordable More expensive than Vinyl
Design Options Limited Highly customizable
Durability 15–20 years 30+ years

It all comes down to priorities. If you are on a very tight budget - vinyl windows is your best option. If your concern is longevity, beauty or resal value of your home then wood windows are the right choice.
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